Wednesday, March 14, 2007

That morning feeling

I have just got up,I have to be at work for 9.30am today. Work is busy but good, I will have to shake off that morning feeling though, you know the one, eyes not focussing, yawning, tired limbs, though with me my back is stiff and painfull but that another story. The walk to the bus stop will wake me up fully.

Alarm.. by Tim Young

It rings but I sleep
It shouts but Ignore
I turn off
to tired to to hit
snoze button
If i can do that I can get up.
The cover tighten around me
my eyes hide
deeper in my head
Then a thought
and I wake
I rush
to be at work on time


Ps said...

yes--somedays I could just smash up the alarm clock.(But thank god for the snooze button!)

Niall said...

".....the six oclock alarm would never ring...but it rings and I rise..wipe the sleep out of my shaving razors cold and it stinks" that tune!

Tim Young said...

daydream beleiver, the monkeys

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