Thursday, April 05, 2007


Well folk's this is it....the 100th post. I'm going to start with a requested poem, I asked my readers to give me some idea's for a poem. The winner and only entry was KATHERINE who wanted a poem about man's best friend, and specifically about a Yellow Lab called Samson..
Well Katherine here it is,  A poem Dedicated to you and Samson

Best Tim Young

A black soft eye
looks out
from a sea of Gold.
An open mouth gapes
rows of sharp teeth
but a pink tongue
removes any fear.
The mouth almost in a smile.
The dog pants
cocks his head
wags his tail
and bends me to his will,
for walks
for food
for love and affection.
I wonder who is the master
I wonder who
is who's best friend.

Katherine i hoped you like it...

OK on with the poetry...

Point of View. by Tim Young

I did'nt have a point of view
I just had objections
You had points of views
but with love
and wisdom
to know when to express them.
awakened me
showed me
wider horizons
you helped me down
from my high horse.
You hugged me
let me put my head on your shoulder
held me there while I cried
you forgave me..

Yet another one coming up..

This next one was an instant poem challenge set by a friend of mine, he challenged me to write a poem about an accident he had so here it is..

Pain no Gain

A tear of blood
followed by many drops
a wound opened
quite by mistake.
The main protagonists included
a timber of wood
a strong sturdy Hammer
a missed timed swing,
the resulting
FLESH ripped wound
ende in hospital.
the bone was strong
the head survived
but the pain
lasted longer
than the scream
on the inital impact.
Such a small mistake
such a lot of pain.
They say no pain no gain
but the shed remains
and is still standing
to pain no gain
and the phrase
really does mean
Do It Yourself..

That one was for you vince!!!!!

I hope you liked todays poems, please let me know if you would like me to write you one.
See you all next time



Niall said...

I have really enjoyed reading these poems..making an accident into a work of art with DIY..and a thinking Blogger award too!!...(you never told me you could think as well as write poetry !)You deserve a much wider recognition than you are currently getting!!

Katherine said...

THANK YOU Tim!! I'm so honored as is Sampson if he could talk. I told him you wrote a poem about him and he cocked his head, just as you wrote about. Too precious! I love it!!

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