Saturday, March 17, 2007

getting there

Soon it will be my 100th post....I would love to celebrate it in style, so let  me know if there is poem you would like me to write. I will post it on the Blog and e-mail it to you to keep if you want it. 
I have  an idea that I want to run pass all you guys and girls out there, I'm thinking about starting
two more blogs for poetry, one for my faith with is so important to me and the other would be for 
romantic love poems, let  me know what you think.

How to speed up time..... by Tim  young

As you know
you will be aware
then when stared at
the hands of time
creep more slowly.
So my brain has an idea
print a picture
and stick to the clock
I figure that if you enjoy
looking at the clock
then the hands of time
will speed up.
We should enjoy out time
on this earth
this planet
we only have one life to live



Niall said...

"..time flies by when I'm the driver of a train, and I ride on the footplate there and back again.."Name that tune!

Tim Young said...

tune and lyric from Trumpton

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