Sunday, March 04, 2007


I have seen two amazing things this week. The first was a ring around the Moon, I do not know if you have ever seen one. When Ice forms in the upper atmosphere the moon light reflects off the ice crystals forming a "ring" here is a pic ( sadly I did not take it)

And secondly Yesturday was a Luna Eclipse. The moon when red as it passed in the earth's
shadow, truly wonderfull. (I did not take this pic either)

The Moon by Tim Young

from new to full.
Man has travelled
stood on you
then abandoned you
but there you remain
looking down
on us,
most of who
do not care about about you
let alone
our our planet


misti said...

Such a simple and nice poem, even i am fascinated by the sheer beauty of moon, it feels wonderful to stare at the white glowing moon on a still night. Especially liked the expression about man conquring and then abandoning the moon!

Ps said...

Very nice.Enjoyed this one.I love the moon too.

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