Monday, February 22, 2010

Came home with a Key

Today I came home with a key from work.I have to get it back early. Small mistake are easy to make and they can cause big problems. Some poeple fret to much about making mistake, I say we should be careul but we should allow our selves to make mistake and not beat ourselves up when we do. I'm no good we say, I'am so stupid we say. I say we are normal we are human we make mistakes.


We have all made mistakes.
We have all sinned.
But the show must go on
some times we are bound,
trapped by our mistakes
Either by hiding from them.
Not saying sorry
or even not being forgiven.

TY 22.02.10


Wendy said...

I like this poem

Ari said...

nice poem..
we have to accept that we all make mitakes.
mistakes make us human, perfection makes us god. And of course we aint god, are we ?

thanks for sharing the poem

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