Sunday, February 21, 2010


The human condition whether we like it or not is to follow something or someone. There are and will always be influences on us that help to shape our lives. Parents, brothers and sisters, family friends, religion, ideals the list could go on. Advertising had it hold on many of us, brand loyalty. Some are more susceptible to these out side forces and are easily lead. This sounds so negative I am sorry about this. So let us do our part, we ourselves are going to have people looking up to us and maybe want to follow us. I would like people to follow this Blog. not sure I am a roll model to anyone, but at least my Children have not disowned me so that's good. Any please have think on how you can make a difference in peoples life, be more compassionate, listen better, be slow to anger. I how if you follow my blog I can make you think. I would like your comments and feed back. Take care.

To Follow

To follow
Is it a privilege
and honour
or a compulsion.
To be followed
would your head grow large
would you hide your face.

What I would say
do not look for people to follow
trust yourself
Do not look for people
to follow you
trust yourself.

As in life
look after yourself
as the bible says
treat others
as you would have them treat you

TY 21/02/10

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