Monday, February 08, 2010

Find Your Voice

I often wonder if I have found my voice. I like to write plays and short stories I have even written a book I'm in the process of typing it up so it can be edited by a friend, who knows this time next year I might be a published writer, well you have to have dreams. I like to paint. I'm not sure if I do any of these things to a high standard, but I do them well enough for me to be happy with the result. Does this mean I have found my voice? I suppose it does. Whether any one listens to my voice I do not know, I'm not sure if I care. Yes its nice to be appreciated, its nice for people to say well done its good for the ego. But if what I do is pleasing to me then may be it will be pleasing to other and that is all that I ask. If what I do makes someone smile then the effort will have been worth while.

Your Voice

Put your words on paper
Make your mark on canvas
tell someone a funny story
Make some one smile.
encourage someone to carry on.
Knit gloves for your hand
Carry some one shopping.
Stand back back and say
I'am proud of myself
Find your voice
Your voice does not have to be audible
the works of your hands can say much
your attitudes and actions
Come out from your heart.

Tim young 08/02/10

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