Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Brave One

saw a film the other day call The Brave One. It starred Jodie Foster. I recommend you watch it, its about how she comes to terms with the violent death of her boy friend. This changes her life and she becomes a vigilante. Ultimately she gets revenge on the guys that killed her boyfriend, and she gets her dog back.


What is it to be brave?
Is it
Sitting in the dentist not shaking.
Is it
Fighting for your country
Is it
Being in the same room as a spider.
Is it
Talking in front of strangers.
Is it
Coping with an illness.
May be is all of these
Or non of these.
Like all things in life
The bounderies are not black or white.
It is more the case
That bravery
Id what ever we want it to be.

Ty 02/03/10

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