Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I'm doing a Niall

What am I on about. I hear you ask. Well I went to see Niall's art Exhib and was so impressed by his talent as usual, so i got thinking how hard can it be.......and the answer is Very, below are some pics of the pic in doing in dots I hope you like it so far

So Far.....

As far as I can See
is all that I know
What I cant see
I don't know
but the adventure
is discovering that
which is hidden
out of site
to peel back the layers
to see beyond
experience the colours
the smells
walk where I have never walked
See things I have never seen
Hear things i have never heard


Niall said...

It's such a daunting prospect when you begin with such an expanse of white paper..but little by little as the image appears..it is like beign on a journey of dicovery..almost like slowly unearthijng some buried treasure.

Niall said...

By the way..I can asure any readers that the title 'I'm doing a Niall' does not refer to the image..I am a little more rugged looking.

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