Monday, July 16, 2007


Well I have surprised my self I have now completed my 3 Pic inside a week. I really like the Idea of Drawing Hands, So if you want one of your hand holding the one you love please let me know.
Here is the result.

  Nearly there

  The finished article

  Close up detail


Each step
closer to the end
Each pace
whether fast or slow
each stage
or shed.
Then end will soon be here
so enjoy the ride
get ready
one step at a time.

ty 07.07


Niall said...

They're looking really good!..sadly none of them would enlarge. Three in a week..I must be doing something wrong!

Jonice said...

Your drawn hands are capable of showing feelings. Then you show how skillful your own hands are. Congrats! You're a very good artist, Tim!


Ps said...

Beautiful!Simply beautiful.You draw as well as you write.Great talent Tim.specifically loved the lines
"Then end will soon be here
so enjoy the ride"

How unfortunate that though may of us know it, we do not always realise it.

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