Friday, July 06, 2007

Eight Random Facts

1, I once met Princess Anne (the Princes Royal)
2. I'am Shy
3,I hate Spiders
4,I have Uma Thrumans Autograph
5,I cry at sad movies
6,I have Polands Syndrome
7,I love reading
8,I listen to Paul Macartney

Every now and then
I seam to say
Get up and do something
How hard can it be
To achieve.
Right now sitting here typing
And wondering about the future
Never letting my guard down
Doing what I must
Only just enough thought.
Making sense of life
Formulating a plan
Acting on instinct
Crying with laughter my attempts
To share my life
So sit with me and chat with me

1 comment:

Niall said...

Princess Anne often mentions the time she met you ...I believe she has finished the coucelling sessions now!

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