Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I am aware that i have not been posting much lately, please forgive me, i have been bust doing other projects. I have been drawing a little and writing a murder mystery play. I have also been writing to odd poem here and there. I have been putting some to music. I have found a guy who does copy write free music. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things again.Thanks to all of you who have send kind comments. It is greatly appreciated.

When Words Dry Up...... ty 04.07.06

The ink did not give out
the paper did not become so full
there was no room to write.
But the thought process
ideas never arrived
so the point of my pen remained
unable to move.
But I do not panic
its happened before,
I just have to wait
and wait
and watch
till i see a small amount of inspiration.
When i see it
I capture it
press it to my head
and let it seep into me
and loosen
the cogs
that spill words.
And so the process
the flow is started
and poems are born once again

TY 04.07.05

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Niall said...

I hope you let us see the drawings you have been working on!..also, don't forget to post your eight random facts about yourself!

You are right..inspiration does come to us, but we have to sometimes grab it out of the air before it passes by.

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