Monday, July 02, 2007

Artist and Canvas

When we met
we were both
Artist and Canvas
the painter
the painted.
With each brush stroke
each caress
the picture grew
shaped and formed
the colours of love
a mixture of media
a mixture of styles.
The quality
of the finished picture
is in relation
to the quality of the canvas.
My relationship with you
is a masterpiece



kezz said...

Another FABALAS poem. Well done Mr TIm

misti said...

Beautiful, i will make it a point to drop by regularly. Also i have tagged you to write 8 random things about urself, do that soon :)

Niall said...

Good to have you back..never hide your light under a bushel as it says..or to put it another way.."use it or lose it!"

I love this poem.

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