Tuesday, January 02, 2007

JAN 2nd

Hello an may I wish you all a happy new year. This is my first post this years and my first in a long time. Its good to be back. So what can I say, well a lot has happened, Christmas and the new years celebrations have come and gone. We spent the new year with some friend, laughing and playing games. I'm not into parties certainly not those that end in drunkenness, I've seen too much of that in my life and its puts me off drinking to excess, so i can still boast going in to 2007 that i have never been drunk. Sorry if i come across self righteous I do not mean to be.
2006 was good to me I started work at UPS and I hope I can spend may a good year there, I also started my blog, in 2006 i have written well over 70 poems my most productive year by far since I started writing poetry in 1982. Last year I learnt more about God and felt his forgiveness and Love I will be eternally grateful.

Clean Slate by Tim Young

Yesterday my slate was full
Today it is clean
a fresh start.
So what do I write on it today
something new
or something that was there yesterday.
They say history repeats its self
So will my slate
by the end of the day
be any different
to yesterday.
I hope it will be different
Yes history repeats its self
but how we view it makes the changes.
some thing may have happened yesterday
to make me feel down, depressed
the same thing may happen today
but with positive thought
I will learn from it
it will make me stronger
more determined
to change my world.
I should purpose in my heart
to forgive more
be more tolerant.
My slate was clean
not any more
my first scribbling
simply reads
be My self.


Ps said...

Happy new year tim.Good to see you back.A nice positive poem as well, to start the new year with.

Sue said...

I really loved this poem...I feel the same way. Happy New Year!

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