Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Finger Prints

 Have you ever looked at your finger prints, they are amazing, beautiful and practical, with out them picking things up would be harder and police would have a harder time catching criminals LOL.
But seriously folks.... our finger prints are individual to you, they are part of what makes YOU, unique. There will never be another you.
I hope you appreciate who you are, maybe even love your self!!

Help..by Tim Young

When I need help
you are there
always by my side.
When advice
is what I need
you give it.
So I say thankyou
for being you.
Thankyou for caring for me.
For waiting for me
when I'm walking slowly
for encouraging me
when I'm down
for praising me
when I do someing good.
Thank you
I love you.


Ps said...

Sweet.If you hadnt written the title 'finger prints' it could have just been a poem for a friend.Thats what i liked about it.

Niall Young said...

I like this poem..it's very visual..finger prints are amazing!

Tyler_Durden said...

love the idea of an 'instant poem'. I might even try it some time, but tell me, how do you know what you're writing is poetry? I mean, whenever I write poetry, I need to think about it to know whether or not its poetry - it doesn't need to rhyme, but either it should create some vision or carry some depth in meaning shouldn't it?

Tim Young said...

Poems for me can be feelings or thoughts they dont have to to deep eloquent pieces or writing, with deep meaning.Other wise nonsence verse would not be valid.
I hope I'm making sense

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