Thursday, January 25, 2007


This year so far for me has been a year of reading. I have read 7 books so far. Micheal Crighton is 
 current favorite, I can't wait to read the new one called NEXT.
dont know what I would do with out being able to read. To be able to read about situations 
I could never be in and read about people and  events I could never hope to meet 
and experience. 
What are you reading, do you have any recommendations for me....

Reading... by Tim Young

On a bus today
I was in another world
a world of intrigue
a world of danger,
But I was immune
from the murderers schemes
I wanted to shout he's behind you.
But people would stare
and not understand.
As each page turns
new thoughts and feelings
hit me in the face.
I'm  awake reading fast
heart racing hoping
all will be well.
Then the bus stops
the book is put away
my heart beas returns to normal
but my thoughts race
in anticipation
or will be...


Ps said...

i love to read too.I'm reading something that you have already read "Time traveller's wife" It is superb and I'm nearing the end.

Niall Young said...

Tim!..isn't it such a wonderful thing to be enthralled by the writings of others?..I've just finished the book you gave me for Christmas: 'Thud' by Terry Pratchett..was about racial intollerance and humanity..Fantastic!!!..I'm now reading 'Two Lives' by Vikram Seth..a memoir about his Uncle (Indian) and Aunty (German) who met during is beautiful.It has also shown me how abismally Britain treated India..I am ashamed ...Shanti Seth served in the Army based in Sudan and mentions some of the places our Father lived in and visited during the War!

Elena Star said...

I would reccommend any CSI Vegas books by Max Allan Collins

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