Friday, June 12, 2009

mobile phone

not that you would be really interested but i have nokia e71 mobile phone and this my first post from the phone to my blogg, another good use of technology. May this will encourage to to post more. Life is good and full there is never really any dull moments. Ok what about an instant poem i hear you say. Well here goes.

Mobile by tim young

I stare at a screen
It displays my life
My contacts
The people i know
Yet for all its technology
It does not know the real me.
Iam not sure i know the real me
my feeling are governed
By the side of the bed i get out of.
Some times samll things upset me
Some times nothing does.
But what i do know is there is someone
who knows me, understands me
Accepts me for who i,am
For what iam
My feeling for this person will never alter
Dispite which side of the bed i get out of.
All i know is if i wake up next to her
I know my day will be ok.

Love is good, and its good to be in love. May i ask you a question? If you have a special someone in your life, do you tell them regularly how much you love and appreciate them, if not why not...

Till next time


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