Thursday, December 10, 2009


we are all at war, if not with others but with our selves. There a quote on the newtestament i think itd Paul that says ."the good i want to do i can not but the bad i do not want to do i do".
Life is good against evil. To me i believe God is good. The bible tells me that if God is good who can be against us. In the war if goof verses evil there can be only one winner, the victoty was begun over 2000 years ago by the birth of a baby.

The first.

The first breath he breathed
He breathed life for us all
The last breath he breathed
He breathed victory for us all.

Between the first
And the last breath
Gods plan was worked out
So perfectly
That we all have the chance
The chance of life

Take it, it is free.
And yet we throw away
Our chances
And deny ourselves
Through ignorence
Through apathy
Through pride.

We have a future
Death is not,
And was never designed
To be
The end.
Death should be
The begining
Of our eternity
With God.

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