Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good Enough

Hello Bloggers

I big hello to you all. Firstly I have not up dated my blog in a while I make no apologies but I have not had the time. The murder mystery play is almost ready to be performed, in fact it's on Sat 25th April at 7.00pm. I'm really looking forward to it, a lot of people have put in a lot of hard work,We hope it will be good enough. This will be the third one we have done, the last one had an audience of around 100 people. On my last post I said that later in the year I was hoping to do a play called the siege, well i do not think it will be this year, so may be next year.

Good Enough

Have you ever wondered
if you are good enough.
Good enough for this
good enough for that
good enough for me
good enough for you.
Society seams to say
we have to perform
to stay ahead of the game.
Government would have us fear
fear the crowd
fear each other
fear the climate
fear the future
fear ourselves.
We are always trying to please someone
at the expense of just living,
living for now
living for tomorrow
living for the future.
Lets learn to love ourselves
be happy with ourselves
lets say we are good enough
for each other
good enough for ourselves
Lets smile at the world
say I do not fear you.
I'am Happy with who I'am


Niall said...

Good to see you back.....!!!Like the new template,it's so much easier to read now.

I like the poem Tim...

Anonymous said...

Very nice poem. It was very encouraging to me.

(If you're wondering how I came across your blog, it randomly came up when I pressed "next blog" at the top of the blogger home page).

Keep up the good writing!

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