Friday, April 04, 2008

Time is Slipping

Hi All

Time is fast going by. The hands of the clock are not waiting for anyone.It seams so long ago now that I have dedicated much time to my blog. I have been busy doing other things, like writing murder mysteries. I have now written 3. When I say murder mysteries I do not mean books ( novels ) I mean plays that are done, while people are having a meal, they then have to decide who did it and why.
Any way I probably will not spent too much in the future doing my blog, that's life ting move and attitude change for me I have other priorities. I don't think I will stop altogether. tim Young

You have a bad attitude
Said the man to me
he did not know me
I just did some thing
that he
did not agree with.
A judgment made
with out asking why.
What is in the heart
so speaks the mouth.
What is the first thing
that comes in to your mind
when challenged
are you outraged
or inspired
to change
to ask why
to ask why not.
do you see the good in people
do you criticise.
Do you frown or smile.
Do you say I'm no good
do you boast.
we are complex all different.
My glass is half full.

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Niall said...

<" I don't think I will stop altogether.">

We thought you had!..still, good to see you back in the only takes a minute to put up something on the blog..don't give up as our Dad used to say!...And whilst your at it..lets see some of those new drawings you've been working on!

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