Monday, November 10, 2008

Back again

Hi All, I'm back again, I really should get back back to this its been a long time. One thing I have learnt through this is that you have to make posts to get comments, since I have been away I have had I think only one comment two on maybe three. I have just received a comment so thought I'm have to do another entry. I have not been writing much poetry recently. I have been doing a little art work. A local gallery has taken one of my pieces and will be selling it as a limited edition print. My daughter also makes felted jewelery she has sold some to the same gallery and is busy making some more.

A statement... by Tim Young

Do I have to make a statement
leave my mark on the world
a legacy.
Do I have to invent
a device so cunning
so cleaver.
Do I have to say
words of wisdom
so cunning.


I need to be myself
may be i will make a statement
leave an invention
or words of wisdom
for future generations.
That may have but only as a result
of being me.

TY 10.11.08

1 comment:

Niall said...

Good to have you back Timbo...I'm rerally pleased your managing to draw, you also inherited an ability which you use too little.Keep us up to dat ewiith how your work sells...!

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