Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Wonder .....by ty 04.12.07

I wonder
how this poem will end
If I had to guess
If I had to put money on it
I would say
if would end
with a full stop.

See I was right.

I was going to title this blog entry Life..but in my opinion life does not end with a full stop. Any lets not get in to heavy religious discussion here, I'll save that for another time. Here in the UK we are gearing up for Christmas. For me it a magical time of year, I get so excited.
I'm looking forward to 2008 more than I look forward to 2007 and this years has been great.
So stick around its going to be a good one.
Oh yes and one final thing, I became a blood doner today, I gave my first 1 pint of blood. the first of many I hope..


misti said...

Eh eh, yes u were right, it ended with a full stop, indeed everything ends in a full stop :), felt nice to visit ur blog after a long time, have blogrolled u, so will be more regular.

Wireless said...

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