Monday, September 24, 2007


On the 2ND of October it will be my 25Th wedding anniversary. Wendy and me are going to Menorca, we are flying out on the 26.09.07 and coming back a week later. I'am so excited I can hardly sleep. LOL...I know i have not written much on here recently but i hope i will post the poems i will write whilst out in Menorca and post a few pic of our trip. Anyway thanks for reading.

I'm not afraid of flying
I'm afraid of crashing.
How does a few hundred tonnes
of metal
defy gravity
carry people
hundreds of miles
I know the theory
but it still amazing
that it stay in the air.


welshbabekezz said...

hope you and wendy have a fabalas time tim. dont forget my wait to see you all when you come to our wedding.

Niall said...

Looking forward to seeing what you do with your writting and photography. But most of all, Have a great time..HAPPY 25TH ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!

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