Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm back ...sort of

I'm Back.... sort of...

So where Am I
Where have I been
Have I been
up to no good
I guess you'll never know.
So for now
here I'am
for how long I can not tell

Hi All please forgive me for not adding anything to my blog in a long while, life is busy and full.
I can't and won't promise to post alot, as I will be busy preparing for my trip to india in jan. I have a few sermons to write so that I may share with them what God is doing in the UK. I hope that I will be a blessing to them.

See you all in the next post.



kezz said...

hey mr tim.
what a surprise, seeing you had blogged. i visit here most days as a cut through to your brothers blog, i love looking at his work, its fabalas, in particular his trees, i love trees. nice little poem, leaving us wondering what mr tim has been up to. and as for you being a blessing to them when you travel to so will be.x

Niall said...

He's still alive!The blogging world has been all the poorer for you being away my you're's going to get a whole lot worse!....JUST KIDDING!!!!!ahahaha. Lets see some more Tim!

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