Sunday, August 12, 2007


A tear
rolled down the contours
of my face
When I was younger
it's journey
its journey
Now years
have lined my face
and tears
take a little longer

TY 12.08.07.

In seven weeks i will be on holiday in Menorca. Just me and Wendy, our first holiday abroad together and with out the kids, it will be our 25 wedding anniv and my 44th birthday, so it will be a holiday to remember, I can't wait, hopefully I will be inspired to write loads of poetry and do some some drawing.
Any way how are you all hope I find you all well and having a good time. Its the summer holidays here in the UK. so the children are not at school and those who have just left school are waiting for their exam results. My son Nathanael is waiting for his, I'm not sure if he's excited or nervous.
Sent me a poem based on your school days.


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Marja said...

Hi Tim I loved your poem, especially the last sentence "Tears take a little longer" Have a nice holiday in menorca and get better soon. I also
tag you and invite you to write 8 things about yourself. If you feel like it click my name and check out the rules.

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