Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Oh no not nother post,

Hi... how are you all. I dont know ifI said in a previous post, but the reason I got so may pictures done over  the last month was because I trapped a nerve in my back, I was off work for 4 weeks, any way I'm back at work but still on painkillers and still using my amazing TENS machine.
The above photo is from a recent trip to the Lake district. The very last post on the fence was hit by me, first time with a stone after my friend Steve
challenged me that I would not be able to hit it. Any way folks I'm off to get  ready for work. See you all soon



A wooden post
reaching to the sky
years roll by
and still it stands
Now part of the scenery
now over looked,
its there
its always been there.
The human eye distracted
by the scene
the beauty
The post stands still
I small bird lands
preens its self
and rests
the post has a uses
every day
a resting place
proving that not all things
that we don't notice
have uses
have a place
we don't have to be
for thing, objects
to be useful.
How often we destroy
with out thinking
Why is it here
who values it
who loves it.

A wooden post
reaching to the sky
years roll by
and still it stands


Niall said...

Do you remember when we used to use our cricket bat to send apples into neighbours gardens?..that's where you got all your training!

Anonymous said...

I really like this poem

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