Monday, April 16, 2007

still counting

Well I'm still posting and still writing poetry....I'm wondering how long though it will continue...It seam there are longer pauses these days betweeen posts and feed back from you my loyal readers.. I guess I'm having a bad day at the office.
On the bright side I have a new Job. I had an interview at work and inpressed them. so  some time in May i change Jobs with-in UPS.

Job.. By Tim Young

trying to be someone
trying to earn
trying to get job satisfaction,
rarely do they all conincide.
But we keep trying


Niall said...

I suppose it's a problem when you update your blog so infrequently..if peole see the same post there after a few days they decide to check back in a week or so when they think a new post might have been written.

Hope your new role is fulfilling.

misti said...

Congrats Tim, hope your new job provides u with whatever u r looking for. Its tough to be get job satisfaction and money together, and we all are striving to get it.

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