Friday, May 25, 2007

some time

Some times I do
Some times I dont
Somes i can
Somes times I can't
Some times i see
Some times I'm blind
Some times I'm warm
Some times I'm cold

Some times

some times

Between times I am me
Every day me
neither praising myself
nor beating myself up
over what i can
or can't
Over what i should
or should't
Over what i have
or haven't

The concept of ME
is hard to grasp
I know me too well
I can not see me as other see me
which is a shame.
I may or may not accept
more or less
I already do.

Humans are complicated
I'm Human
I'm complicated

ty 25.05.07


Niall said...

This poems works well...sometimes we see ourselves in so many lights..sometimes we see what others do..sometimes that's not so good..sometimes it's amazing.

Jonice said...

Hi Tim.
I like this poem very much!
May I copy it, please? I'd like to show it to my students.

Tim Young said...

yes you may copy this poem for your students it will be an honour for me.

Jonice said...


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