Wednesday, May 30, 2007


when all around is noisy
when they are clammering for you
to feed them
sooth them
advice them
and when it seems you can give no more
then close your eyes
take a deep breath
and imagine a stream in a wood
and then know
that many miles away
someone is doing the same
and there you will find me
by your side
to help you gain control
and find a little peace through friendship
with someone many miles away
yet close to your heart and mind
 ty 30.05.07


kezz said...

this is by far the best poem i have seen yet, but then maybe my view on this is an unfair one. this is defo my favourite though. thanks Tim.x

Niall said...

I agree with Kezz..good poem..strong structure and instantly brings up an image when read. Brilliant o little brother!

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